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SlimBoat is a fast, powerful and secure browser, designed to save time whenever we´re on the internet and maximize our productivity in front of the computer. All this thanks to a series of services designed to improve the security on our computers and the users efficiency.

One of the most interesting services included in SlimBoat is the QuickFill `form filling´ function. This will fill in web-forms automatically which will allow us to access online accounts with just a click, without having to supply complicated usernames and passwords.

As well as QuickFill, SlimBoat Web Browser has a powerful Facebook integration tool thanks to which we can share a website, an image or text on the popular social network with just a click.

Also integrated in the browser, there´s a YouTube video download manager, which will allow us to download any video in MP4 format, to save it on our hard drive and play it whenever we want to.

Other interesting services, but maybe less important, are the presence of a weather forecasting tool which will allow us to know what's the weather like in our area at all times; or the integrated website translator, which is not a hundred per cent effective but it works quite well.

Finally, even though it´s quite frequent, SlimBoat has a pop-up blocker, which will avoid our screen filling up with these annoying advertisement windows offering us all kinds of (un)desireable services.
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